Those stones are still on the bridge and I myself lifted one in each hand on many occasions and one market day, I carried them across the bridge and back, some four to five yards - Donald Dinnie.

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Adam Bushaway - At Potarch Cafe & Restaurant - 5th November 2017

Height - 5'11"

Weight - 83kg

Age - 27

Unassisted lift.

Residence - Hertfordshire, England

Adam made a number of successful lifts of the stones in front of a large crowd of lifters including Mark Haydock, Brett Nicol, Jim & Rosemary Splaine, Davy Bagnall, Charlie Blair Oliphant, Martin Jancsics, Dean Kent, Scott Dalrymple, Timo Lauttamus, Matt Jones, David Webster OBE, James Fuller, Kirsten Moore, Malcolm Nicol, Helen Knowles, Stevie Shanks and the large crowd in attendance.

Click here for video of Adam lifting the Dinnie Stones

Thine very truly D Dinnie

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