Those stones are still on the bridge and I myself lifted one in each hand on many occasions and one market day, I carried them across the bridge and back, some four to five yards - Donald Dinnie.

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Brandon Verret at Aboyne November 2013

Height - 6'

Weight - 285lbs

Age - 45

Strap grip assisted lift

Residence - Lockport, LA USA

Brandon originally went to Potarch in February 2011 (his company headquarters are in Aberdeen Scotland which allowed him to go there for work visits) and attempted to lift them but only was able to lift one at a time (2011 pic attached) He felt that this was great accomplishment at the time. He then decided to come home back to the States and start training for the “real lift” which he accomplished with Brandon's wife, his son, Peter Martin and Brett Nicol in attendance. He used a strap just on his left hand.  Both in 2011 and 2013 Brandon also lifted the Inver Stone.

Click here for video of Brandon lifting the Dinnie Stones

Thine very truly D Dinnie

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