Those stones are still on the bridge and I myself lifted one in each hand on many occasions and one market day, I carried them across the bridge and back, some four to five yards - Donald Dinnie.

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Dr. Lance Holland-Keen - At Potarch, Aberdeenshire – 5th January 2009 & 14th June 2017

Height - 6'2" (1.88m)

Weight - 20 st. 2-lbs. (282-lbs) (128-kgs)

Age - 33 & 42

Unassisted lifts

Residence - Mt. Annan, New South Wales, Australia

Lance travelled back to Potarch in June 2017 with his family and made several unassisted lifts witnessed by Susan Holland-Keen, Leigh Holland-Keen, Jim & Rosemary Splaine, Brett Nicol, Malcolm Nicol, Helen Knowles, Mike Bickers & Aaron Monks.

Lance made a single strap assisted lift at -3 degrees, witnessed by his wife Susan, stepdaughter Leighann, and his parents Delaine and Charles Holland-Keen.

A brief biog from Lance:

From Leicester originally, did “High School” just outside Grimsby and then went to Dundee Medical School.

Father’s family is from Scotland and Ireland.

Never once whilst living in Scotland did I go to a Highland Games but I, like many others I think, watched WSM competitions from as early as I can remember - 1980 quite possibly.

Moved to Australia with wife and daughter in 2003.

Met David Huxley and some of his Tartan Warriors in about 2006 at the Castle Hill highland gathering. Tried some stone lifting. Nothing eventuated after that meeting - but as I had always trained but had limited room, the obtaining of equipment along the lines of thick bars, inspired by the Brookds Kubik stuff on dinosaur training saw my wife buy a stone mould in early 2008.

From training with that stone and another meeting with Dave Huxley in April of that year, I was invited to become part of the Tartan Warriors and started to compete in both Highland Games and Strongman.

It was during a trip back home that December that I lifted the Inver, the Dinnies and the Menzies stone.

A return in 2014 allowed me to do the Sadlin Mare, the Newtonmore, the Auchernack, the Barevan and the Glen Roy stones after my wife Susie competed in Europe’s Most Powerful Woman - that was a whirlwind trip of 5 days in Scotland!

Susie also got air under the lighter of the Auchernack stones…in the process squashing her wedding ring onto her finger quite badly!

Click here for Video of Lance lifting the Dinnie Stones 2017

Click here for Video of Lance lifting the Dinnie Stones 2009

Click here for Video of Lance lifting the Menzies Stone

Click here for Video of Lance lifting the Inver Stone

Thine very truly D Dinnie

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