Those stones are still on the bridge and I myself lifted one in each hand on many occasions and one market day, I carried them across the bridge and back, some four to five yards - Donald Dinnie.

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Kenneth Nowicki - At Potarch, 7th May 2006 & 19th August 2007, & Aboyne Games 1st August 2009

Height - 5'10" (1.78m)

Weight - 2006 16 st. 10-lbs. (234-lbs) (106.14-kgs) - 2007 18 st. 1-lb. (254-lbs) (115-kgs) - 2009 20 st. 7-lbs (287-lbs) (130-kgs)

Age - 17 & 19 & 21 Respectively

Strap grip assisted lifts in 2006 & 2007, Unassitsed lifts in 2009

Residence - Banchory

In 2006, Kenneth the youngest lifter to date, made a single lift followed by 4 reps, then 8 reps all assisted- witnessed by Alec McDonald.

In 2007 made a single assited lift witnessed and photographed by Alec McDonald

In 2009 did 2 single, 2 reps, & 1 single lift all unassisted, photographed by Gordon Dinnie, and witnessed by Andrrew Cairney, Stephen Murray, Calum Morrison, and a large crowd of spectators.

Not only is Ken the youngest lifter to date but he is one of only two athletes who were younger than Dinnie himself who is recorded at age 23.

Click here for video of Ken lifting the Dinnie Stones




Thine very truly D Dinnie

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