Those stones are still on the bridge and I myself lifted one in each hand on many occasions and one market day, I carried them across the bridge and back, some four to five yards - Donald Dinnie.

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Martin Jancsics - At Potarch Cafe & Restaurant - 27th May 2017 & 10th June 2017

Height - 5'9"

Weight -103KG - 227Lbs - 16.2 stone

Age - 37

3 unassisted lifts.

Residence - Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland

MartinJancsics is one of the world's leading authorities on Stone lifting. Along with Peter Martin he sought out, documented and lifted many historic stones. His research is all contained on his website

Martin planned to make an official attempt on the Steens on 10th June 2017. In the mean time he was collecting info on the stones to have miniature wooden replicas made. While at Potarch he put his camera to one side and had a pop at the stones and they came up..three times!

Martin completed 3 unassisted lifts of the Dinnie Stones at the Potarch Cafe & Restaurant. His lifts were witnessed and recorded by Malcolm Nicol. Martin returned a few days later on Staurday 10th June to have his lifts officially witnessed by Jim & Rosemary Splaine, Brett Nicol, Malcolm Nicol and Helen Knowles. Martin completed a further 3 lifts.

It is a pleasure to add such dedicated historian and stone lifting ambassador to the pages of this site. Well done Brother!

Click here for video of Martin lifting the Dinnie Stones

Thine very truly D Dinnie

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