Recognized as "The Nineteenth Century's Greatest Athlete", Donald Dinnie's athletic career spanned over 50 years, and over 11,000 successful competitions.

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The Steens have now been returned to their ancestral home outside the refurbished Potarch Cafe & Restaurant, and are available by appointment for lifters wishing to take on the challenges laid down by Donald Dinnie himself in 1860. A set of guidelines have been put in place designed to protect the integrity of the Steens for future generations and the safety of lifters. These guidelines can be downloaded from the links below and we wish you all a successful conclusion to this most excellent test of strength!

In order to set up your attempt you should contact:

You should provide evidence of lifting 300kg (without handstraps) or more on any kind of lift. Lifting 300kg is not a guarantee of success as the stones are much heavier but it does show that the lifter is competent and is aware of the potential for injury when lifting heavy weights. Unfortunately due to high demand, a lifting spot cannot be confirmed or held until the prequal video is submitted.

Lifters are advised to agree their date from the list of available dates below before making any travel arrangements as the owners cannot accomodate alternative dates due to work committments etc.

Lifting will normally commence around 4.30pm to allow judges time to get there from work etc.

Available dates for Dinnie Stone Lifts in 2024

(The team will do their best to accomodate everyone's preferred date however, depending on uptake, numbers may have to be capped and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The current limit is 8 lifters per session - a reserve list can be considered) Unfortunately dates other than those listed below cannot currently be accommodated

Please see dates below and make your booking via: (I keep this page as current as possible but things can change very quickly so I can't guarantee 100% accuracy)

The Gathering Sunday 4th August 2024

All spaces currently taken

Tuesday 3rd September 2024 @ 4.30pm

All spaces currently taken

Tuesday 1st October 2024 @ 4.30pm

All spaces currently taken

Tuesday 5th November 2024 @ 4.30pm

All spaces currently taken


Huge thanks to Brett Nicol, Jim Splaine, Rosemary Splaine and the Ballogie team who give up their time to support and record everyone making their Dinnie Stones attempt.

Click here for a copy of the guidelines for lifting the stones


The Steens were weighed officially by the Aboyne Highland Games Committee in 2014 - Click here for a copy of the Official Certificate

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Thine very truly D Dinnie

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