Finn McCool may or may not be a myth but these stones and their stories are real

B’fhéidir gur miotas é Finn McCool nó nach miotas é ach tá na clocha seo agus a scéalta fíor
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You’ve probably heard of the famous, ancient lifting stones in Iceland and Scotland, some of which are even replicated and used in strongman competitions. But did you know that over 22 stones (and still counting) have been uncovered just in the last few years in Ireland, many of them heavier than the stones in Iceland and Scotland, by primarily one man? That man, Kettlebell Sport World Champion and amateur historian David Keohan (affectionately called “Indiana Stones”) joins us in this episode to discuss the incredible stories of how these stones were unearthed. You’ll hear about these ancient stones and their rich cultural significance and connections to mythology. While we often think of history as something in the past, when you tune in you’ll learn how some history is still being uncovered in real time!








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