'Now, one of these stones was somewhat heavier than the other. Very few strong men of that day could lift the heavy one with both hands, but my father could raise one in each hand with apparent ease, and could throw the heavier stone of the two on to the top of a parapet wall of the bridge'. Donald Dinnie 1860

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David Webster OBE rediscovered the Dinnie Stoes in 1956

Donald Dinnie the first sporting superstar by David Webster and Gordon Dinnie



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The Aboyne Highland Games


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Ballogie Estate - Owners of the Stones & the newly refurbished Potarch Cafe & Restaurant


The Old Man of the Stones Website created by James Grahame. The site is dedicated to the noble art of stone lifting & the memory of our dear friend Peter Martin RIP


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Thine very truly D Dinnie

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